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Reischel Sawyer-Cobb is the founder and CEO of ICANDO. She is a “Passion-preneur” with a heart to encourage, inspire and empower women to live in their true purpose. Reischel has always been very passionate about this and soon realized that her passion is her purpose. Reischel’s vision back in 2017, was initially to start a small mentoring program for young women because she saw a need for that generation. As she began to put her thoughts together to put things into place, she took a deeper look at her own journey and each season of her life. She realized that there is a greater need to inspire ALL women and girls in every aspect of their lives by utilizing various tools/methods. Reischel’s favorite Bible scripture is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. With this scripture as her driving force, her vision became clearer and greater which led her to create the brand, ICANDO. Reischel earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting all while maintaining roles as a wife, and mother as well as working full time. As with most women, juggling these roles at the same time presented many challenges but it was Philippians 4:13 that kept her empowered and inspired that she CAN DO it. It was also the family village of women of the generation before her who encouraged, inspired, and empowered her to do ALL that she is purposed to do. The ICANDO Organization & Brand is created to do the same for all women.

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