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ICANDO is an all-inspirational apparel, accessories and cosmetics brand and product line designed to support our passionate mission. Our products and overall service delicately addresses the desire to grow the inner woman, while also uniquely enhancing the outer appearance. It’s our belief that if you wear it, you feel it, you believe it.


ICANDO is a Women Empowerment Organization & Brand with a product line of apparel, accessories and cosmetics. ICANDO was launched on August 1, 2020. The ICANDO motto is: I Can Do all things purposed for me. I Can Do ME!  The driving force behind our organization is Phil. 4:13 "I CAN DO All things through Christ who strengthens me." ICANDO has a passionate mission to inspire women to walk and live in their true purpose. Empowering and fostering confidence, boldness, and truth, our brand exudes the power and ability to overcome every great obstacle with strength and resilience. The hope is that many are touched, empowered, inspired, and motivated by ICANDO’s presence, inspirational messages, and all-inspirational products. ICANDO is currently a small organization & brand, but the vision is HUGE! 


ICANDO Core Values

  • Truth

  • Honesty 

  • Positivity

  • Community

  • Passion

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ICANDO Scholarship Program

At ICANDO, it is important that we support, bring up, empower and inspire the next generation of women. We are more than a brand, we are a MOVEMENT! In April 2021, we established the ICANDO Scholarship Program and we were able to bless two young ladies with a $500 scholarship for college. These scholarships will be awarded annually in the month of August. The winners will be announced at our annual conference every August.

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ICANDO organization has a heart and mission to helping the fight against homelessness. With our focus on homeless women and children, we have committed to assisting the needs of women housed in shelters throughout the Los Angeles County. In 2020 when we launched, we immediately began reaching out to various Women Shelters to find out the immediate and long-term needs. We began preparing toiletry bags of women necessities and inspirational products from our brand collection and delivered them to the shelters. We do this regularly throughout the year. We also began our free school supply giveaway in August 2021, which will be done annually before fall semester of school begins.

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In our commitment to empower and inspire women, we organized our ICANDO Book Club in May 2021. This book club is designed for women who love to read & desire to share and have healthy in depth discussions about the books we read. The books we select are all books written by women that are geared towards empowering and inspiring women. To join our book club please email us at

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